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The Legend of Futian

NovelThe Legend of FutianThe Legend of Futian
is there a traitor in overlord
Chapter 2586 – Contempt letter thinkable
When Ye Futian gained news reports, he is in Ziwei Imperial Palace. These were active relocating the resources that they had plundered inside Ziwei Segmentum.
Ye Futian obtained boldly directed the cultivators coming from the Ziwei Segmentum to obtain a coordinated assault on all six Historical G.o.d Clans. That has been something so unimaginably conceited on his aspect.
Undoubtedly, this course of action hatched via the clan lord of Haotian Clan was incredibly ruthless. He was mobilizing a great number of cultivators from the Divine Prefecture to produce a ma.s.sacre against the Ziwei Segmentum through the remove get.
“Of training.” Ye Futian nodded. “Compared in my experience exploring the Historic G.o.d Clans, it is way better for them to arrive at the Original World, which will make it simpler to handle them.”
“Mmm.” The clan lord of Haotian Clan nodded a little bit. He then disappeared promptly, since he went to rally one other factors of the Medieval G.o.d Clans.
“But,” Ye Futian’s vision swept to the spot greater higher than the sky, “I don’t attention in the event the Haotian Clan offered out your get rid of purchase, but should it be carried out, it will probably be unfavorable to cultivators from the Ziwei Segmentum. It seems that I needed to personally take a trip there!”
“You want to get back to the Divine Prefecture all over again?” Xi Chiyao stared at Ye Futian in disbelief. Immediately after a lot of decades, and a long time after the Armorer Compet.i.tion, Ye Futian would all over again, walk into the Divine Prefecture!
Because of this, all the six Old G.o.d Clans paid a large cost.
As a result, they not alone wanted vengeance by themselves, additionally they wished for Ye Futian old. So, they could put into practice a quilt eliminate order to obtain the entire Divine Prefecture active in the search to get rid of the many cultivators coming from the Ziwei Segmentum.
“Very well,” town Lord of Tianyan spat as sharpness flashed across his view. Clearly, he is in assist on the wipe out get as from the clan lord of Haotian Clan.
“Mmm.” The clan lord of Haotian Clan nodded a little. He then faded right away, because he went along to rally the other causes on the Medieval G.o.d Clans.
This period, it turned out to wipe out, in an effort to manage Ye Futian as well as the Ziwei Segmentum.
Therefore, they but not only sought revenge for their own end, furthermore they sought Ye Futian dead. So, they will employ a blanket kill buy to get the whole Divine Prefecture active in the hunt to remove all of the cultivators through the Ziwei Segmentum.
Xi Chiyao was stunned for just a moment as she considered him, along with a weird elegance flashed across her wonderful eyes. Definitely, she grasped that which was unsaid by Ye Futian.
But this time, the Haotian Clan—as element of the Old G.o.d Clan—wanted to situation a eliminate purchase up against the full Ziwei Segmentum.
“Specifically, how want to get this in motion?” the area Lord of Tianyan inquired. He acquired stored his silence so far since he was waiting for additional energies to act very first. Given that the clan lord of Haotian Clan took the motivation to come to him, trying to find an alliance in having decrease Ye Futian, he was naturally much more than reasonable.
“What does the clan lord prefer to do subsequent?” town Lord of Tianyan required. The destroy order was hard to apply because nobody would dare to do something in it, specifically given that Ye Futian was over a roll with good momentum, owning wrecked the basecamps on the six Medieval G.o.d Clans and single the 3,000 Realms in the Good Pathway.
But this time, the Haotian Clan—as a part of the Historical G.o.d Clan—wanted to concern a kill get with the complete Ziwei Segmentum.
However, the Haotian Clan—as section of the Old G.o.d Clan—wanted to matter a wipe out order from the total Ziwei Segmentum.
If their plan prevailed, the cultivators among all gatherings within the Divine Prefecture can be actively undertaking the kill order. From then on, the cultivators in the Ziwei Segmentum would not anymore dare to advance about at will, as each one who came out may have a target on their backs. This may make their absurd dreams of occupying the full Genuine Kingdom a totally impossibility.
“Do you want them to come to you inside the Genuine Realm?” Xi Chiyao mentioned.
Did not Ye Futian understand that? How could he have this sort of disdain?
For a time, the total Divine Prefecture was boiling through as a result of news. Plenty of cultivators arranged off toward the country where Haotian Clan was located, as if there seemed to be just one more feast of terror following your alchemy compet.i.tion.
A ma.s.sacre with a great level could well be inhumane and against all reasons of common sense.
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“Very well in that case,” this town Lord of Tianyan spat as sharpness flashed across his eye. Naturally, he was in support on the wipe out order as from the clan lord of Haotian Clan.
The moment the news arrived that all of the six Historical G.o.d Clans with the Divine Prefecture would force forward the killing order together for your exclusive aim of wrecking Ziwei Segmentum, it brought about wonderful shockwaves across the Divine Prefecture within a small length of time.
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For this, each of the six Ancient G.o.d Clans paid off a large cost.

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